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How can I be notified by email every time my posted discussion has a reply?


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Interesting question. I do not always get the email notifications when a buyer messages me, so suggest doing these things:

  1. Make sure your email address is accurate.

  2. Remove Fiverr from any spam filters so their emails are always delivered to your inbox

  3. Just in case, log into your Fiverr account at least once every day.

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I just started forum-ing myself, and I can see that the “Follow” button has no effect since I don’t receive any emails of updates on the topics I follow (my junk folder is clean, so no trace of any forum notification emails 😦 )

P.S. has anyone received the “weekly digest” newsletter lately? Because I stopped receiving them a year ago, and I still have that option checked in my profile 😦 Did fiverr stopped making those?

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