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Denied fiverr gig


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When gigs are initially submitted, they are not personally screened, just checked by software, so many times a gig is let through even though it might not actually be allowed according to the Fiverr terms of service. If a gig is later updated, or if someone complains about a gig, it might draw the attention of the editors and they decide it isn’t acceptable. Sometimes it’s not for very clear reasons, such as poor quality images or something like that. But Fiverr has the right to say what is on its website.

You need to make sure you aren’t using images that aren’t allowed (example, celebrity photos, copyrighted images) or offering a service not allowed by Fiverr (check the Terms of Service). Sometimes gigs are deleted because another company complains, the most common example is selling social media likes, followers, fans, etc. This is against the rules of all the sites like FB, YT, Instagram, Twitter. Paid-for reviews are often deleted because they are also against the rules of sites like Amazon.

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