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Problems with the Android app?



Hello fellow Android app users. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered consistent and ongoing problems with the Fiverr app? I don't want to make a big rant out of this post-- My aim here is to determine if I'm the only one having these issues (that would surprise me) or, if others are having them, to collectively approach Fiverr about the issues. As an IT professional, one thing I can say with almost certainty is that, unfortunately, many times unless an issue is widespread, it never really gets to the attention of a technical team-- Individual users are repeatedly rerouted through rudimentary troubleshooting and the issues are consider "closed" without ever recognizing a pattern. So, if many of us are experiencing this, then I am hopeful this will give Fiverr the information they need to address the problems.

The issues I'm experiencing are specific to the Android app. I'm currently using a Samsun Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G on the T-Mobile network, but I have experienced these same issues consistently for nearly three years now, including on my previous phone, also a Samsung, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Issue #1 - App badge does not reset - On the home screen (assuming you place the shortcut there), the Fiverr app has a "badge" that will show on it when you get new notifications. This serves as a visual cue that someone has messaged you (or the app has other important notifications). What SHOULD happen is when you open the app and act on / acknowledge the message, the "badge" should clear. However, it does not clear. This means that you have no visual cue of subsequent messages that come in, because once the badge is there, there's now way to dismiss it. The only way to rest it that I have found is to reboot the phone, at which point the badge does reset, at least until you get another message... then the same thing persist again.

Issue #2 - App refresh / reset doesn't work. Normally in an app, when you swipe from top to bottom, the app should refresh / reset. The Fiverr app appears to support this functionality, but it doesn't work. When I swipe down, the screen turns mostly white, save for a Fiverr watermark, but the screen never refreshes. If I fiddle with it long enough or try it over and over, once in a while the UI will eventually refresh. The best resolution to this that I have found though is to force-close the app (swipe up on the app from the task switcher) and then restart it. Note that while this does restore the app, it does NOT reset the badge noted in the previous item.

I have personally found Fiverr's response on this to be less than stellar. For one thing, this isn't the first time I've raised the issue. Second, when it does come up again (and again and again and again), nobody ever bothers to look in the account history to see that this isn't the first conversation we've had on it. They mark the issue "solved" after giving me rudimentary troubleshooting instructions. There is no phone support, so everything is done in these back-and-forth emails.

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Hello there. I'm using a Pixel 5, and don't have your issues #1 or #2. I can dismiss messages separately, so, for example, when I get 3 messages, I can dismiss the newest 2 but keep the oldest one on my phone's screen as a reminder that I still have to deal with it. The "swipe refresh" works fine for me.

What I do have, and already had with my last phone, a Samsung Galaxy 10, is ongoing/intermittent issues with the notification sound (both on desktop and phone), and with delayed messages compared to desktop (but no big delays, so it doesn't really matter to me). 

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