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I got demoted and I'll most likely won't be a Fiverr PRO anymore (Rant)

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Hello everyone!
Today I received an email that says that my service doesn't match the PRO criteria and that I will most likely no longer be a Fiverr PRO. 

This was an absolute shock to me as I provide a really exclusive service that only 2 people in the world provide and I am the only person on Fiverr that provides personalized anime art. It's something with big demand and I was the best-seller in the Portraits & Caricatures PRO category.

I've never received a negative review and I completed more than 1350 orders in the span of the last 2 years, I have 840 full 5-star reviews from 870 total reviews and all my stats are on 100%. 

My Personal Success Agent said that I had a few negative Private ratings and that my PRO status is under review.
Today I got an email that I was demoted.
To me this seems unjustified as I get on average 10-15 orders per month on my PRO gig and all the users either tip me or message me back to express how satisfied they have been with my service, so that was always a little strange to me. I always make sure that my clients get exactly what they're looking for and I always try to overdeliver, so it was a shock when I heard this. When I asked the Fiverr Team to help me pinpoint the problem they said that they can't disclose what went wrong and that I should review my orders. I did, and after thorough analysis of my orders for the last few months I couldn't find a problem, never have I had a disagreement with my clients, and as I said before, they tip me, they're always kind and the majority of my clients connect with me after the completion to show appreciation for my work. 

I am the best-seller in my PRO category, since I was promoted as a Fiverr PRO I received on average the most orders out of all the gigs there. Most have been PRO for more than 2 years and have either no reviews or are in the 2-4 reviews. I've been a PRO in just a year and just this last month I received 3 orders from a client totaling 17 portraits. I thought that this was one of my most successful months and then I got the demotion email. 

Hopefully, I can turn it around, but I am just confused and I don't know what to do. 

To me, removing an exclusive service, that has high demand and is one of the top (if not the top-seller of it's category) is weird and a bad practice. I expected to become a Top-Rated Seller this year as the next milestone in my Fiverr journey, yet I am to be demoted after doing so well.

To me that seems like a bad practice and it kinda ruined my week. I've been wearing my PRO status as a badge of honor, I am the founder of one of the OG Anime projects in the NFT space, I have been networking with influencers, artists and I've been present in Twitter Spaces and local events. I am a professional and I know that my place is here. This demotion is a step back for me, it seems unjustified and makes me contemplate my stay on Fiverr. It's been a blast and this was a life changer for me, but I feel like I am unjustly demoted after doing well and it makes me feel underappreciated.

Just wanted to share this with you all, hope you have a blessed day

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