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Where is my gig?

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Are your impressions zero? First check here (under 'Gig Status') to verify that the gig is active: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/selling-on-fiverr/gigs

(It might be active in your dashboard, but still pending approval from Fiverr behind the scenes.)

If your gig is 'active' then how many days has it been zero? If it's only one day, give it 24 hours. Sometimes systems are slow to update. If it's been zero more than 72 hours, and is listed as active, check to make sure it's in compliance with the Fiverr ToS and Community Standards.

If impressions are *not* zero, then it doesn't matter if you cannot find your own gig. Other people can, or you would not be getting impressions.

Otherwise, please see: 
. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/73962-impressions-arent-all-that-important-heres-why/
. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/74184-if-your-impressions-are-dropping-please-read-this-archived/

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12 hours ago, pineapplevid said:

but I can't find it - so prospective clients won't be able to either!

yeahhhhh......  that's the newbie mantra.  Take some time to learn how the system presents gigs to clients, you might be surprised by what you learn. 

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