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how can i deal with bad reviews as a new seller?



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You can't remove it, unless the review somehow violates Fiverr's terms, like the person who left it used swear words or slurred the country you are from or something of that kind, in which case you can contact customer support and ask them to remove the review.

If it's just a normal review, where the buyer said they weren't happy with your service, there's nothing you can do. If everyone could simply "remove" a review they don't like, the review system wouldn't be worth much.

What you can do, is reply to the review professionally, and tell your side of the story, so that people who read your review and your reply to it, can make up their own mind.

As you're asking how you can remove a review, and you're a new seller, reading the articles in Fiverr's Help & Education Center (< link, click it) might benefit you. Also read the Terms of Service (< link, click it), if you haven't yet.

Good luck.

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