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2 years since I started fiverr...

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Hey everyone, I realised today that it's pretty much 2 years ago to the day that I became a seller on Fiverr! A lot has happened since then...

When I decided to join, I had already started training in VO and wanted to make some money and get my first few jobs. I started during the first lock down, and now I'm about to complete 20k on my account and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get that juicy top rated seller status this month! 

In these two years my VO business has grown hugely on and off Fiverr - I even got nominated for two One Voice Voice Over awards this month!! Mind blowing to me. 

But, Fivver has helped me grow my VO business in general. I've had amazing jobs for people like Google, Centerparcs, DFS - just to name a few! And these have made a huge difference to my confidence, status in the VO world and portfolio!

And now I'm an award nominated voice over artist?! Two years ago while I was setting up my first gig, I would never have thought it possible. Mad!!



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