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I received an email saying I need to complete my Fiverr business profile so I don’t lose my spot on the business marketplace. There's also a note on the dashboard of my profile warning me of this. It says I need to add my real first name and last initial.

While I understand this makes complete sense for the majority of sellers, I believe in my case and possibly for some other sellers, it makes no sense.

My profile uses my artist name. My logo is my artist name. In all my gallery videos and my gig descriptions I introduce myself by my artist name. Away from Fiverr this is how I'm known by everyone, business associates in the music industry, even close friends. To use my real name when my whole Fiverr profile is branded using my artist name spoils the consistency of my profile, and if anything will be confusing to buyers going forward. 

I expressed my concerns to Fiverr support, but was surprised that there was little understanding, and there was no offer to forward my feedback to the relevant team. I feel this is something that should be addressed and thought about, just the way any change is probably reviewed on Fiverr after implementation.

I'm curious to know if there's anyone else who would prefer to use a pseudonym, rather than their real name for their business profile. I completely understand the decision behind the idea of building trust by using a real name, and I can see this would work for the majority, I just feel there will be exceptions to the rule.

For now I've been forced to change it, or I will lose my place on the business marketplace. I would like to see Fiverr re-evaluate this change and understand the situation from the perspective of sellers, who's brand is their pseudonym.

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I too had a similar message.  Mine said I had to change my photo, amend the name and add a professional tagline.  I contacted support because I have a photo, my first and last initial are there as my user name and I do have a tagline.  Everything they suggest is already there!

The response was that I don't have to do it unless I want to become a business seller.  I was welcome to ignore the requests and keep my account as it is.  I too have the warning on my dashboard page even though I've contacted support about it. 

I'm looking for information regarding the difference between a business seller and a seller.  Also regarding a difficult buyer.

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2 hours ago, lynddg said:

The response was that I don't have to do it unless I want to become a business seller. 

My Fiverr support response was dismissive too, which is unusual, my Fiverr support experience is normally fantastic. They seem to have their mind set on rolling this out without considering whether it needs to be improved.

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