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How Can I Get My first Order Soon?

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Hello All

I am new in this forum section. i am pleased to be the part of this community. i like to work on fiver & i am also new here. i want to know how can i get my first order soon? any suggestion for me. 

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1 hour ago, amit_tuhin said:

I open 7 Gig in my fiver account.  i face a problem. my gig impression reduces day by day. what can i do now??

You should focus on improving your gigs. If you don't sell well, Fiverr won't spend valuable space on their website for your gig and you'll get fewer impressions. 

I checked out your gigs. Here's what I would look at, if I were you: 


Too much text! It's unreadable on smaller devices and it looks messy. I recommend that you hire a professional designer here on Fiverr. 

Profile description: 

Full of grammar mistakes, bad English. Looks messy and clearly not written by someone fluent. If you want people to hire you to do their accounting, you should learn to write properly first. How can I, as a buyer, trust that you'll do a good job, if you haven't taken the time to write a good profile description? I'm not saying this to be rude. It's just the truth. You can't expect someone to trust you with their finances if they don't trust you. 

Gig description: 

Same as profile description. A lot of issues. 

Gig video: 

At the moment, you don't have one. GIg videos can help your gigs stand out but only if they are professionally produced. Hire animators or video editors here on Fiverr to help you, or set up a good camera in a good looking, professional office, and film yourself while explaining what you can offer, why the buyer should pick you and what makes your service unique. Last alternative should only be used if your spoken English is up to par. 


Hope this helps! :) 

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