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How the fee will be deducted if buyer wants to cancel the whole milestone order?



So, a rude buyer wants to cancel the complete order after 5 milestones.

After working for 4 months and $600. the buyer wants to cancel. He is super rude and annoying. I multiple times tried to cancel but he insisted he will assist me on the way.


Now, how fiverr will cut the money from this order? Will fiverr take money from my next orders? If yes, then I am quitting fiverr. Done with it totally.

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In general once the milestone completed, you already got paid.

The cancellation could effect on the active milestone only.


However, there may be some reason for what the whole project needed to be canceled.
Still, according to the milestone working system, each milestone is paid after the targeted milestone is achieved.


If already withdrawn all the previous milestone amount, then fiverr will cut the money from next earnings.

I will suggest you to discuss fiverr support with a ticket by explaining all the scenario and get a better solution to avoid any loss.
It's better to contact support as there is an option, before you think about quitting.

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