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20 hours ago, sumonkhan813082 said:

My gig impression down I am sharing on social media every day but to no avail

As has been said, many times, here on the forum, promoting on social media has absolutely NOTHING to do with impressions. Impressions are an on-site metric that are only gained when someone sees your gig in the search/category results. 

8 hours ago, chowdury504 said:

Share on Twitter with Trending Hashtag! Its really works.

NO! It does not, because of what I just said above.

8 hours ago, naturaleditorbd said:

Really it's true, I couldn't agree more.(Share on Twitter)

No, not true. Not even close to true. Sharing your gigs on social media sites has NOTHING to do with Fiverr gig impressions. Nothing whatsoever.

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