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FIverr has deducted my 700$ in 10 Days ( Experts Help me out)

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Dear Fiverr Experts, 

I need a suggestion from your side in a situation I'm stuck right now, 2 to 3 month earlier I completed around 6 orders from a same buyer of data entry, on the 22nd of March i received an email, which mentioned that your orders with the buyer have been cancelled with out giving any reason & my amount figure showed - ve balance of those 6 orders payment after the adjustment of the amount now amount from my next completed order is now been deducted too, im too worried i filed a complaint to fiverr & was told by there representative that I'm sending it to the concerning team & they would look into it dated 31st of March sine them more amounts have been deducted & tried to peruse the same concerning person too but no response till yet.  i posted the same scenario today morning but it was deleted by the admin or some one am in severe need of guidance  . plz respond & guide plz. 

Note: Snaps concerning the issue are attached. 


Rushana Adil










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