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Blocked Ukrainian account

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@mjensen415 I have already created 4 accounts to write to the support service. They respond to me with template messages. My account is blocked due to a regional issue. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is wrong. I am a citizen of Ukraine and have always been one. When verifying the account, he provided a Ukrainian passport. I have not left the territory of my native country. 
I want to understand what I'm doing wrong. Also, administrator @mjensen415 wrote the following: "1. The location to each account on River is set by the system and is based on your current geographic location. The location updates periodically.
If you are located in a different place, please contact support and they will work with our Trust & Safety team to review your account accordingly. "and I want to be helped with this particular issue. 
If you look at my main light_links account that was banned, you can see from which devices and in which city the login was made. And verify the IP addresses. Now I am in Lviv, because my city Kharkiv is subjected to aggressive bombing from Russia on a daily basis. 
I have seen that many Ukrainians have such a problem and even one girl, who is also from Kharkiv.

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