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URGENLY STOP & ERADICATE THE GIG COPYING MENACE once and for all by addressing the root course

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Hi Fiverr,

Thank you so much for fiverrs openess to take in suggestions and opinions

from your every day fiverr users and fiverr community at large with an open mind to make the community safe and respectful to all users.

We have noted with great concern the high Levels of Gig copying menace that has been

rampant and seems to be a dragon that keeps mutating and cant simply be

tamed judging by the vast number of reported and unreported cases of the

copy cat menace, with most top rated sellers being victims of having their gig copied word for word.

I have a suggestion on how to tame this practice once and for all by going

for the root course or the Key gig copying motivator that drives unscrupulous sellers to copy top rated sellers gigs.

a certain group of users have discovered that they can manipulate their way through the

ratings specifically on the recommended tab by cheating the system once they get to the recommended tab simply

by copying a top rated sellers gig word for word and thats what has been

happening,most of the gig copying practices are prevalent on the

recommended tab which is the main root motivation factor for the copy cats. as it can easily be manipulated to believe even a one day old seller can just copy a top rated seller and end up on the very top, unlike the high rating tab that cant be manipulated as it totally looks at your performance to rate sellers.


A lasting solution would be to set the default home page of any search to land on the High Ratings tab instead of the recommended tab this will achieve 2 things.

  1. it will greatly discourage the gig copying menace as sellers cant manipulate the high ratings tab.
  2. it will give buyers the opportunity to get the best service as they are exposed to the high performing sellers who should get the first priority as they will guarantee high conversions as they have already proven to be good at what they do.

    That is one lose end that needs to be URGENTLY addressed the Default landing page when searching should be High Ratings tab instead of the recommended tab as the high ratings tab cant be manipulated or cheated as the recommended tab can.

    The high ratings tab gives the right and correct ratings that

    cant be manipulated and as such should be the default page on the search

    not the recommended this will tame once and for all the gig copying

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