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fiver deducted 1750USD instead of 100USD



As the Title, i accepted in offer for a design of 100USD i followed all the prompts, entered bank card details, and where it said pay 100USD i clicked, then i get a deduction notice from my bank that 1750USD was deducted.  i asked the seller for refund and he gladly assisted, but the initial 100USD was refunded. and im still shorting 1650 USD

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2 hours ago, wayne_dannler said:

the bank says fiverr deducted the 1750usd , fiverr says they only took 100usd. 

Keep communicating with Fiverr's Customer Support, and show them screenshots of what your bank says.

Keep insisting (in a polite manner) and don't give up, they typically do resolve financial issues, it just might take them some time to figure out what happened.

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