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TOOOO many buyers not reading the gig description. The solution: The making money way!


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You can make money with mutual cancellations!!!

Lately I have noticed that many buyers ordering our gigs haven’t read the complete gig description and asking for services which we don’t offer.

What do you do?

Personally, I just don’t have the time to deal with orders I can’t complete. A fast mutual cancellation request is not always good for me as it always gets aborted by the buyer.


I finally came up with a realistic solution. This solution helps me cancel the order with the first cancellation request to the buyer. Or vice versa.

I simply add in the message something like "I don’t offer >this< service, however if you would like >this< service I can do it"

With that the buyer either cancels it right away or request the other service I offered!

This helps a lot.

30% of the time you end up completing those orders because the buyer requests another service offered.

It’s a great marketing method I wanted to share with everyone!

Until my next post let me finish my coffee… I am still in love with the fruit salad 🙂

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Just to clarify… you write this as a message … "I don’t offer >thisthis< service I can do it"

Or have you already clicked cancel and you write that message into the box as the reason why?

  • Sorry if I’ve missunderstood, have a terrible cold, it’s winter here in New Zealand and my brain has turned to mush!

    Cool idea creativeguys, only a creative person could have come up with it

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Here is a summary of all the feedbacks given by different sellers working online in Fiverr. These points list out the negative consequences of the advanced rating system.

  1. Most of the buyers are over-demanding. Once the order is started, their demands also rise. They discuss pdf, order for pdf, then in the end also ask for the doc format file. Many are not satisfied with the first draft of design, and ask for modifications. Revisions in $5 are not affordable, better is to cancel the order. If the demands of the buyers are not fulfilled, they will never leave 5/5 star rating, even if the finalized design is satisfactory.

  2. Seller response time is not fair. Because most of the sellers in Fiverr are freelancers and handle projects single-handedly. Unlike Elance which is dominated by groups and companies, Fiverr should cooperate sellers working from different parts of the world, with different time zones. Basically, the fight is for getting 5/5 when work is done as per the instructions of the buyer. 5/5 is not possible in this system. Earlier system of rating is better. Sellers want this system to remove and retain the earlier system of rating.

  3. This system of rating proves Fiverr an unreliable source of online income. Because this system pressurizes sellers, and they are always afraid to keep their rating safe and high. Sellers will become slaves of buyers, who even now blackmail many sellers in the name of “positive-negative” system of rating.

  4. MOST IMPORTANT: I don’t think new comers (sellers) will be able to maintain their reputation and grow their profile. Since many are fresh designers, their designs are not premium and high end. The earlier system, at least, would give them a ‘Thumbs up’ instead of 3.9/5 rating. Hence this system discourages not only the existing sellers, but also the new comers.


    In Fiverr, it is much easier to get started, sell, and progress. But in many other online marketplaces, due to the 5-star rating system, it is quite difficult to show yourself to the buyers, since buyers search for people having 5/5 rating. This system will not allow the new sellers to withstand the harsh competition from the existing top rated sellers.
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