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March Logo Maker Product Updates 🔔

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So, what’s new in the world of logos? We have 4 share-worthy updates that you’ll want to review.

1. Share your logos directly on social media!

1. Share your logos directly on social media!

You can now use the ״Share Logo” button on the logos dashboard to share your designs with potential buyers or post on your Behance, Pinterest Dribble, Instagram and paid ads. Clients will be able to access your logo directly, edit it and purchase it easily. It’s a great way to leverage social media, design sites and your own website to promote your logos and increase your passive income, hassle free and with a great experience to your buyers. 

To share, go to your Logos dashboard on Fiverr (Fiverr.com -> Logos), click the 3-dot bar on your published logo and select the "Share Logo" option.  From there, you can share your variations. 


2. Buyers can now share and promote your logo pages outside of Fiverr- 

Potential clients simply copy the URL link and share on various outlets with their networks outside of Fiverr. Heads up – this means more traffic to your logo page!









3. Your Logo Maker logos are now more accessible on Fiverr!

As a part of our effort to create the best logo buying experience out there, we’re now allowing visitors of the Logo Design Category on Fiverr.com to easily access Fiverr Logo Maker logos and capabilities from within the Category page. Check out the video below to see the experience.


We are gradually rolling out this feature to additional buyers.

What does it mean to you? That your Logo Maker logos can now get even more exposure and sales.


4. Thanks to our updated matching algorithm, you can now gain more sales

It is our mission to give every seller the most opportunities to display their amazing logos. If a buyer is in the market for a new logo, our goal is to present them with the most suitable options to make a sale! This matching is done by our Matching Algorithm, which was recently updated to become much better!

Our new algorithm does a couple of things better than before:

1. Exposes new logos that you upload faster to give them a better chance to shine.

2. Increase the exposure of logos that have shown to sell better.

What can you do to ensure that your logos get the attention they deserve?

  • Keep uploading logos – remain active, upload new logos and the logo maker will reward you with more exposure for your new projects.

  • Tag more accurately –  When you upload your logo, you tag your logo's Industry, Elements (keywords), Style, and Type. Our algorithm uses that in order to decide when to show your logos to prospective buyers. If you tag your logos’ industry style and type accurately, as specific as possible, they are more likely to perform better and the Algorithm will reward them with even more exposure.

  • Provide more than 3 logo variationsGreat variations will make it easier for a buyer to customize your logo according to their preferences. As we've mentioned, better performing logos will also earn additional exposure, so there's a double win for you by investing in your logo variation. Make sure you provide more than 3 layout templates and the logo maker will push your logos higher.


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Thank you for the share logo feature! It's really needed.

Before that was copying the link to the logo using the "View as a buyer" feature. Also, if I already knew the buyer's business name, I manually modified the link to enter his business name and slogan instead of "brand_name=Brand%20Name". But it's a bit clunky, because you have to insert all of those special characters. Maybe there is an easier way to do that that I don't know about?

Also I have a question about logo variations. I usually include many color and text variations, more than 10 if I can. But I base most of them on the initial horizontal template and then copy and adjust it manually. Does the algorithm count this as 10 different variations, or does he thinks that it's a single one and I need to use other templates to fill the count?

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16 minutes ago, gunawanguan said:

This is great updates. Thank you. Is there any chance that we can upload more than 30 logos at the time? That would help us to drive more sales.


I think yes! Please contact customer support and ask how many designs you can have. All the best.

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I have a question.

How can we post on our Behance, Pinterest Dribble and Instagram? When we select the "Share Logo" option we just get the link. How can we use the link on our Behance, Pinterest Dribble and Instagram? Because they are only support image. Can we upload our logo maker design directly on our Behance, Pinterest Dribble and Instagram?

Thank you in advance.

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