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Hi, someone help. I earned $800  and wanted to withdraw the money today. I have been using PayPal for withdrawals but wanted to avoid it because it is new and thought it might put the money on hold. So I thought I should use Fiverr Revenue Card. I clicked and before I realized, I had withdrawn the amount.  Fiverr sent me an email with a confirmation link to confirm my withdrawal to PayPal, which I did. Unfortunately,  after following the link it says I don't have any amount to withdraw.  Checking the transactions the withdrawal is successfully completed. There is no money in my PayPal and I haven't set a payoneer account as I was clicking to set at first. Now my questions are

1. How long will the money take to reflect in my PayPal 

2. Is the money lost?

3. Why did they send to PayPal attached to my profile and yet i clicked on Fiverr Revenue card?

Kindly help me if you have gone through or have information on this. This is stressing 😫 

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