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No sales since one year


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I joined fiverr 1 year ago. I created some gigs but I haven’t gotten even a single order.

I provide transcription and caricatures services.

When I search my gigs in respective category, I didn’t find any of my gig in the listings.

What should Sellers like me do to get sales ?

My gigs are not visible in searches.

Any advice is welcome.

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You mustn’t use the same image for multiple gigs.

You have 10 of the same exact gigs listed - it’s only spamming up your rankings…

You must NOT use the same text for so many gigs.


Promote yourself on social media.

Submit your gig to listed requests.

Read helpful seo tips on the forum.

Once you have done all this your rankings will increase and hopefully turn into sales.

Best of luck,


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Hey dude,

I think I have some tips for you. I think these are the best tips to promote your Gigs outside of the Fiverr in other word, Self-Promotion.


★ Create a WordPress self hosted blog about your Services you provide on Fiverr.

★ Then start writing many articles about your services such as,

✔️ Benefits of the service.

✔️ Features of the service.

✔️ Why they need to choose you. - Unique Point of you.

✔️ Your Bonuses and Giveaways.

✔️ How to use your services to maximum benefit of the buyer, it might be getting traffic etc.

✔️ How to use your services to Resell.

✔️ Purpose of your services and so on. I think you got the point

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