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10 Buyer Requests per day

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I am finding the restriction on 10 Buyer Requests a day very bad.

I have done over 900 gigs

A month or so a go, my gigs more or less stopped.  I presume it was Fiverr rearranging search priorities.

My response has been to answer Buyer Requests - yes I know it is hard work!  I have responded to nearly 3700 Buyer Requests.  But I have no other options.

I have one gig where I have done over 200 responses - all satisfactory - and I am now at #400 on the list!!!

It would be good if I could request Fiverr to check my responses, agree that they were not spam or frivolous and then take away the limit of 10.

Or alternatively have no limit for everyone but have the option of reporting spam type responses - and if you get too many Fiverr can either restrict you or not allow you to respond.  That would work




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