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Hello, Fiverr expert. Hope you are all well. I am Monir from Bangladesh. Recently I have fall in a problem. My problem is the setting of the locaton. Check out the picture. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But now my location is showing in different location. Note:  Thought I changed my passwords it shows still the smae locaton. How can I solve this problem??? please expert brother and sister suggest me. 


Thank you in advanced. 


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It could be that it's based on IP address and the IP address may not give the exact location.

It shouldn't really matter anyway as long as the country is correct (since it's the country that gets shown on the profile).

You could do a web search for "what is my ip address" and see what location it tells you that it thinks your IP address is in (eg. it might be your ISP is giving an IP address which currently is 20 or 30 miles or whatever from your actual location).

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