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What information should you give a client?

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Is it common to give your IP address to a client? Is this safe?

THe work I do requires that I often need to log into accounts and software the buyer uses to help them with their disputes. Currently I am working with a company that tells me tha tin order for them to get me a login created, I need to give them my IP address. I am not the most tech savvy and am not sure if this is ok to do or not. Thank you!

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  • To protect our users' privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, s***e/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.
  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.
  • The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.
  • Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.
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