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TRS Badge is a manual handpick process. As this is the most prestigious badge for the platform, so TRS like a brand image as well.

After fulfilling the requirement your account will be evaluated manually to confirm that you will be entitled with the TRS badge or not.

You may get it on first month or within next few months with condition of maintaining the metrics % well enough (requirements) or it may take long time.


As an example: I received on 3rd month after fulfilling the requirement.

@coder71 received it after more than a year (maybe 2 years)


Though there are no official declaration, but there could be couple of points which can help you to be picked for the TRS Badge i.e.

  • How you support your buyers
  • How good and professional you're in conversation
  • Your work Quality
  • etc.


  • Some people discussed about the average selling rate


Hope for the best. However, don't be upset if you don't get it. Keep providing your services and wait for the day.

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2 hours ago, sanjidasmrity said:

I have completed all the criteria to get the Top Rated Seller Badge.
Is there any more requirements to get the rank except the requirements we see on the Analytics Overview part?

Top-Rated Seller

Important: This is a manual process. If you meet the Top-Rated requirements below, our Editorial team will review your performance from the previous 60 days to confirm your eligibility. After this, the Editorial team will decide if you're a Top-Rated Seller.

The above is from the Help Centre.

This is not a given.

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