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I am in trouble how to solve it?



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2 minutes ago, sumonkhan813082 said:

There are some clients that you have to revise


Completely wrong. You don't have to and you shouldn't if it was not agreed beforehand.

5 minutes ago, dev_hamza_ali said:

I gave only 3 revisions to the client, but the client is sending me the revision again and again and not replying any message, sending the same message in the revision. 
what should I do now?

If you offered 3 revisions for the order and the client still keeps on revising the order, kindly remind them that additional revisions cost extra and offer them an extra revision for a price. If your client is unresponsive, report this order to the CS and go from there.

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Some buyers are really new to the platform ...its better to reach them on the order page as well as over the inbox. 
Brief him/her politely about the matter that you have already completed the 3 revisions and any additional revision will cost extra.
If still the buyer is unresponsive than you may contact the CS to assist you further in this regard.  

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Hi, How are you. 


1- If it continues for about 1 or 2 days then trying contacting customer support for cancellation. 

2- Ask client personally in inbox that what the real revision is? 

3- Do respect your client 

4- Check out requirements If you are missing something.

Thanks, JerryGraphicx 

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