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Hello Sean, I'm Jacob. In my opinion, I like your gig as it is, but I'm not the most experienced with Fiverr, but I have been part of other sites before returning to Fiverr since 2016 and I find this community warm and inviting, I hope this is the experience you're having. I just wanted to mention I have been certified for digital marketing in the past since 2016 or 2017, but, I think the way you're presenting your gig is marketable, you present well in your video and that your gig looks professional to me from a digital marketing standpoint and no, I'm not trying to solicit, I'm trying to give you positive feedback for all your hard work to set up a gig and to open yourself up to the world as a freelancer doing your own thing and trying to make an honest living. 9 orders so far? That's amazing! I wish you much luck and many blessings on your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur as a freelance worker here on this website.


My recommendation is this: research the other freelancers in you niche, watch what they do, study the market, level the playing field by giving it your own spin to the work you do, because, that will give you an advantage in some ways over your competitors. Now, I like to use what I've heard referred to or nicknamed "the remix strategy." Research what your competitors are offering, take some ideas from what they're offering but like remixing a song, give it your own flair.

What does this mean?

Well, it doesn't mean to copy your competitors, but, you should offer similar pricing, similar services and similar strategies like keywords, SEOs, etc. Here's a simple way to do it: after you're done researching your competitors, google the best keywords that fit your niche or, you can look at the related tags that your competitors are making and make a common conclusion with a process of elimination what keywords each of these competitors have and use them as your keywords.

Here's a good rule of thumb I like to do when researching:

common words or phrases in titles (these are also keywords/metadata that can be used to bring you organic traffic for free)

common denominators in your competitors' description (don't copy their wording, that's illegal, but you can use their descriptions as a guide and come up with your own wording for a description)

What you they're offering in their packages (mix and match package ideas from competitors in regards to what is offered in basic, standard and premium packages)

My greatest tip about naming packages is to of course include 3 packages if you can and name them with keywords based on what the description is.

Here's the thing: Google will place your services higher in the search engine if your keywords in each title spot match somewhere in the description because it's whats called "integrity" by making it uniform with the title and the description whether it's your gig name or package title with your description.

Sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to be of assistance for you. If you want need some more help, just reach out to me any way that you feel comfortable to. I am not saying this is the sure fire way to gain massive amounts of impressions for your gigs, I'm just saying it's standard practice of digital marketing. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I genuinely want to help you get started, and I am willing to just volunteer my time to help you if you desire me to aide you in your journey. I don't want a single dime to help someone who appears to be just getting started, so, my help is free of charge because it helps me gain experience in the field before I feel comfortable charging for my assistance for money as a gig here on this app/site.

Have a great day, Sean, I hope this helps you! :)

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