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Help and guidence please, with a client that keeps asking for revisions. (voice over gig)


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Hi everyone ! Please I need guidence on  how to deal with a client, this is the second time she made an order without previously talk to me paying less when the script is 2 gigs, when I sent the extra for the correct amount, she rejected. saying the client dosnt pay more. She is a video producer, is reselling a service she doesnt provide as a voice over talent. It´s this ok ? 

Fine lets do it ( I cant afford a cancelation cuz mi level got down ) 

The script she sent me is to long for an audio of 30 seconds she wants, I expleined that, I recorded the audio sent it and tell her again look full file is 50 seconds it is impossible to make it 30´, cut the script (she has 1 revision)  but she keeps asking me, re recording, re editing as she wants even I offer solutions with the right timming.  without understand that there to many words. I kindly explain everything.  and after severals takes she continues doing the same. 

Firts it is not a client wich I want to work again, is not respecting the price of mi gigs, she´s also a seller on fiverr so she knows how this works...  I told her than before placed an order she most talk to me. She doesnt matter!  Its there a way to block a client? or what can I do ? 

Now I keep sending her new takes of voice and I just hope to end this order,  I noticed that Fiverr support team is not very helpful on this kind of issues, they will tell me to try to solve this with the client. So, I just keep sending retakes ? 

Thanks in advance for your response!


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When something comes between buyer and seller then buyer will win. Actually fiverr use to earn when you are able to satisfy your client. So it is your responsibility to make your client happy and help fiverr earn. It is a years long debate but fiverr never took any steps regarding this. When money is taken from buyers account the never loves to send it back. 

You have to understand, the money is taken from buyer account and if it is into fiverr's pocket. So as long we spend more time for a project to complete money is staying more day + 14 maturity day to enter into sellers account. During this time they can use this money for their own business and make more money. They will get back their money before 14 days and send it to your account. 

so please accept order cancellation and take rest for some day. After 2/3 month this negative feedback will be withdrawn and everything will be normal. 

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