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I have excellent gigs but no sales. What do you think?

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It’s not a bad luck. You didn’t position yourself on a market. The only gig I see a potential to be discovered and matched to buyers is the restoring old photo gig, however how big is the market for that? Are there enough buyers for all the sellers that offer the same service on fiverr? 
And I don’t see how other gigs can be found in search with your descriptions and titles 

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I think that it doesn't matter how excellent you think your Gigs are or what I think. What matters is how excellent your potential buyers think they are, and even before that, what Maria said, how relevant your offerings are for potential buyers on Fiverr.

If there are similar Gigs that do get sales, try to figure out what makes them more attractive than yours, and take inspiration from that (do not directly copy, not cool, and can get you banned. Not insinuating you, personally, would do that, but many people unfortunately do, and might profit from reading this by not doing it). If not, maybe check everything in your Gig category and subcategories, see what sells and you could do well, and maybe you can come up with a few new Gig ideas.

By the way, this post doesn't belong in "Site Suggestions" (and Gig links aren't allowed here), this forum category is for making suggestions for improvement of the Fiverr site itself, not for users' Gigs. If you want to post links to your Gigs and people to look at and comment on them, you should change the post's category to "Improve my Gig".

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