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Broadcast & Commercial Rights Extras - and/or?



My question:

Does a buyer needs to buy the Broadcast Rights extra AND the Commercial Rights extra to obtain full business rights over the voice-over? The legal language stated below from the Fiverr terms and conditions confuses me. Does the bolded text mean that, to achieve a full buyout, you must buy the commercial rights extra in addition to the broadcast rights? Or does it mean that to achieve a full buyout, they must simply buy the broadcast rights extra, which encapsulates both broadcast and commercial rights?

"By purchasing a Full Broadcast Rights (Buy-Out) with your order, in addition to the Commercial Rights, the Seller grants you with a license for full broadcasting, which includes internet, radio, and TV “paid channels” including (by way of example): television commercials, radio commercials, internet radio, and music/video streaming platforms, and strictly excludes any illegal, immoral or defamatory purpose."


If you could please answer this, that would be amazing.



- Dr_man



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