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What is your ‘TCS under GST’ tax category?



Hello, I am Sanjeev Sharma a student currently pursuing B. Tech in computer science. 

I am new in the field of freelancing, I have zero knowledge of market and tax deduction criteria's. I am an Indian freelancer and I started it last week. And I am so grateful that I received an order from a client in Canada.

The guy has asked to develop a backend and he gonna pay me the 100$. 


As you can see in above attachment the order details.

I delivered my order 2 days ago and the client also give me a tip 15$ so now the total amount is 115$ that I am assuming that I am going to receive for my work but What I have seen its that my client paid me 129$ [115$ + 14$ tax I guess] and And only I received 86.75$ in my account. I am attaching a screenshot.




As you can see its saying that tax deducted is only 0.15$ and therefore I am not getting where my rest of the earning has gone.


Below attaching my billing setting. If its need to be please help me out. As I am a Indian student also new in freelancing market I have no idea what do next. Becuase I have to this much of tax unfortunately I have stopped freelancing on fiverr platform.


   I have already added my pancard number



Please help me out 

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