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Question on what the columns on "My Gigs" page really mean


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I put up two new gigs yesterday, and today they show with 11K, 7.1K, on my gig page under the column “impressions from fiverr”; 1 under clicks from impressions; 3 & 2 under page views.

My problem is that having been here for three months I really have no clue what those titles mean. I am having trouble believing my rose ring got 11,000 views in just over a day when the gigs I have had up for three months only have 119 at the high end.

Could some one explain what these columns on “my gigs” mean? Or maybe point me to a user guide that I cannot seem to find that will explain them to me? Thank you for all the help.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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OK so sheriff (chuckles) This moved did not help at all and I have tried my best to navigate through the maze that you call FAQs when in fact is a bunch of people giving answers that they think are right and the conflicts are easy to see.

Why is it so hard to find someone on the payroll at Fiverr to answer something as simple as this. I do some programming and lots of Math, and NO one builds a data base that collects information, analyzes that information and then translates it to a report and NOT know what their titles mean.

I am looking for a simple answer to start this off what is an “impression from Fiverr” I have 11k on one gig and I have no clue what that means at all. This compares to the fact the same gig has 6 page views… which I am assuming means they actually looked at the gig. But to be honest I am rather shooting in the dark. So instead of moving my question around how about taking a stab at giving an answer?

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gryphonsrest said: Why is it so hard to find someone on the payroll at Fiverr to answer something as simple as this

It's not so hard. You just have to ask in the right place. There is no "someone on the payroll" on this Forum. For that service you need to ask Fiverr Customer Support.


On this Forum, we are Buyers and Sellers. Human beings just like you and we have crawled in the dark looking for answers as well. Most of the frequently asked questions have answers right here on the Forum... if you take the time to look... or if you are patient and wait for an experienced User to reply.


The Sheriff did you a favor by moving your post to a section of the Forum where many experienced users hang out and respond daily to newbies questions. The number one rule on Fiverr, and on this Forum is patience.


So if you read the thread in the link provided by @kjblynx you will get the answer to your question, "what is an impression from Fiverr".


And since you do lots of Math, I'll assume you don't need an explanation of how the percentages work relating to Impressions, Clicks, Pageviews, Orders and Conversions.

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