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I am A Customer - I had a previous account that I have a



I had a previous account in about 2015 - I have may gigs I purchased in this account and need to access them - I can't seem to locate this i I am NOT a seller so not sure this makes a difference


Or if they could swipe those gigs into my active account???


Thanks Payette61

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On 3/23/2022 at 2:11 AM, payette61 said:

can't seem to locate this

You mean you can log into your old account but can't find your orders/deliveries? In that case, it might be because years have passed. A while ago, I wanted to download a delivery again from my Orders here, as I thought it might be faster than to locate it on my PC (I had forgotten to rename the delivered files to something meaningful, my bad), but couldn't. So, either they aren't stored indefinitely, or it was some bug.

If you can access your old account but also have this new one now, you should contact support anyway, to let them fix your "two account problem", as only one account per person is permitted, and can ask them if they can help you with your orders too. 

If you can't access or recover your old account, they can perhaps help you too, but they'll need proof that it's your account, maybe through a phone number and payment info on file, or something. 


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