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Hi there, How are you all?

I'm new to Fiverr and to days I received an order and the buyer didn't submit the requirements. I already send him the reminder for submitting the requirements but the buyer is not responding. What should I do?

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Congratulation and warm wishes on your journey with Fiverr.

Happy to know that you've received an order.


I just reviewed your gig and I think for this category sometimes buyer may take time to submit the details.

Maybe, after placing his order he understand that he need to send you the logo source file and some details.

So, maybe, he is sorting the source file and some more details for you.


As the requirements are not submitted yet, so the deadline is not set to your order.
I will suggest you to wait and not to send so many reminders or messages in same day or next day.
Have patience and wait.

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To expound on @seven_sign point a little more, make sure you look at the order and see if it says something like "waiting on requirements".  If it does, then your countdown clock hasn't started and you just work with the buyer to get the requirements.  However, it is possible for buyer to place the order with requirements, without actually placing the requirements.  This latter thing has happened to me a couple of times.  My requirements require the buyer to supply their voice over script, but at least once instead of submitting the actual script they sent a document that said something like "Will send script later".  Fiverr couldn't tell that wasn't the actual requirements and started the countdown clock and it was necessary for me to work quickly with the buyer to get them. 

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