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If I change my Gig Price, Does it affect my rank?


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Dear Viewers,

Thank you for opening this topic and offering suggestions. 

Basically, I've been working on Fiverr since 2020. My gig appears on the first page of Fiverr gigs, and I receive a lot of client messages daily. 
So, I decided to increase the package rate I offer. If I change my Gig Price, Does it affect my rank?

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

This is my Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/m7EZbz 

NOTE: I am a drafter with the Architectural Drafting and Annotations Service. Let me know what you think about this category. Can it lead to a more prosperous future?


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Hi Hafizur! glad to know that you are receiving messages and orders. Editing the gig in any way either it is for increasing price or what so ever reason, your gig will be affected for a while and might get back to its previous position after some time. So be mindful and prepared for the after results.

All the best

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I wanted to chime in on this because most of the answers are pretty vague "yes" or "no" but I think the reality is probably more nuanced.

Increasing your prices won't impact your rank initially, however it might impact your conversion rate (if you price yourself out of the budget of potential customers). As someone who works in tech (and has spent time working on a search engine for a large tech company) I can make an educated guess that Fiverr will rank results that get more clicks and more conversions higher because they have a more positive impact on *Fiverrs* own success metrics.

So the more nuanced answer is "no... but yes (maybe)" 

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Soooo I'm wondering where everyone is getting there info from because as I know it editing your gig in any way will absolutely cause your search ranking to change and even become invisible for a time.

This is taken directly from Fiverr's help section regarding editing your gigs.



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It is difficult to say, but most likely it does affect your position.

No one can be sure about the algorithm, and as far as I know it is always changing and adapting. It is like a dynamic system.

I think Fiverr likes gigs which have high price value. 


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