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Can I create Another Fiverr account In to My Same PC?

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Please don't attempt to hijack a thread with a completely unrelated question.

As for the OP,


One seller, one account. Anything else would be attempting to cheat the system and most definitely deserves a ban.


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11 hours ago, developernaz said:

Can two accounts be run simultaneously on the same PC?

Nope, you will end up losing both accounts!


1 hour ago, youtubetalent said:

A few days ago my gig shows on page no 5 and got around

It is considered rude and a breech of the Fiverr Forum rules to insert your question into a thread created by someone else. You need to make your own thread to ask your question! 🤨

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Please do not make this mistake. If you do, you will lose your Fiverr account. You will be able to use an account from a PC with your own identity.
Remember you cannot manage more than one account with your own identity

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