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Can Someone to check My Gig?


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9 hours ago, sekhar_business said:

Hello Everyone, I'm New On Fiverr Platform. How Can I get My First Order?

First of all, welcome to fiverr and its community😄

I would like to share some stuff which may help you, first of all 

1.Focus on building your portfolio and your skills while being active on fiverr, cause the client wants the best.

2.Send buyer request daily, but don't just send request, understand first what the client wants and then propose your offer. 

3.Use all your gig slots and work on a gig before publishing it, it means do your research first. (I highly recommend the free course that fiverr suggests).

I wish you a good luck and happy freelancing 



#fiverr #tips 

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This isn't quite the right forum category for this. Yours is more a request than an actual question.

Try in the "Improve my Gig" forum subcategory, you're even allowed to put a link to your Gigs in that category, which you should do out of courtesy, so the people who might want to help, won't have to look you up.

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