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What to do??


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Well, there is nothing you can do about it. 

Buyers can't - and shouldn't - be forced to leave a review as it is completely up to them. 

Oh, just an advice: do not mention reviews or ratings in your messages to the buyer, as even if you are in good faith, you could trigger the system. 

Anyway, just leave them be. If they're satisfied, review or not, they will come back to you :) 

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35 minutes ago, aani_crafts said:

I want to know if some of your client giving orders to you and sharing their feedbacks in messages after completing but not Sharing reviews published then what should to do??

Yes, and that is fine.

Many buyers want to remain anonymous as to what they buy on Fiverr. When they review a seller, the seller's reviews appear on their profile. Such reviews are a giveaway about what they are buying and from whom.

Personally, I am happy the buyer was appreciative enough to leave a thank you even though they did not leave a review.

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