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How do I get the first order?


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Hey roy0953, What you can do is first of all check out your competition and see how they price there gig, see there description(and take inspiration not copy from them), try to improve your gig image (by seeing other people gigs image or check out "Pinterest" and search "thumbnail image" for inspiration) and make it on canva or photoshop. Also try find client from social media and bring them to fiverr, that way you gain review which make you trust worth in the eye of people who click on your gig. Hope that will help keep working hard you are near 🙂

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Don’t worry.. I will help you..... 

Follow up some tricks:


> share Gig on some social media platform -- 

Like that- LinkedIn, Instagram,  Twitter, behance..  

> Try to active fiverr Forum 

> Active fiverr within 20+ hours

> Provide best service. 

I hope you will followup these tricks... 

 Thanks // Mahmud

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