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"Hey, I'm currently not available for orders." I'm not on vacation mode!


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Hi, perhaps you guys can help me understand what’s happening with my Fiverr profile before I send an official ticket to Fiverr customer support.

I couldn’t find any related threads about this so I made a new one.

So I received this email from Fiverr because I haven’t signed in for a long time:


You are receiving this email because you have gigs listed on Fiverr and we noticed that you did not visit your account lately.

To keep your gigs listed on Fiverr, please click here. This is made to insure that buyers will not order services from inactive sellers.


So I clicked the link I went to a page in Fiverr saying “Thank you. Your gigs will remain active.” But when I signed in and checked my page it says “Hey, I’m currently not available for orders.”. It’s been a while now and it’s still like that. I checked my gigs status’ and I’m not on Vacation mode.

Does anyone know how to remove that message: “Hey, I’m currently not available for orders.” And let my page show my gigs?

Thanks in advance.

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i had same problem, but worked it out. You must have the green “A” next to at least one of your gigs for your account to be active, otherwise it shows the message as " Hey, I’m currently not available for orders." as your profile.

To change the gigs to active, select the box to the left of each gig and click ACTIVE button.

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