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Which kind of gig is more profitable on Fiverr?


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The one which you are well trained and skilled at, and can bring tremendous customer value and a great customer experience.

If you are asking what is the niche in which you can pretend to be an expert and put up a gig to scalp some work, you are on the wrong platform and are not going to get much support for that.  

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What is your skill?
I don't know how much people make but
                  -3d modelling and rendering for Architecture, Interior,
                  -Mobile App development, 
                  -Original motion graphic
seems to starting prices are at least 2000$.But with how much work required for app development etc... it's maybe peanut. 

There one woman seems to be making at least 400k year for writing, and I know illustrator that made around 150k year in this platform. 🤷‍♂️

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