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How long till the earnings clear and will be able to withdraw? It's been 7 days since I delivered my order.



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8 hours ago, aggie_n said:

As the title says, I delivered my order on March 13 and since then, the earnings all say "funds pending clearance". I thought I read somewhere that it'd take up to 48 hours to clear, so I'm a little concerned. 

 it's 14 days usually but Fiver plus subscriber and Top rated sellers cleared in 7 days. And when you reach level 2 there will be early clearance feature enabled. You can instantly clear it with 1% fee.

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56 minutes ago, abdheshkjha said:

It depends on your level. If you are a new seller then it will take 14 days to clear your earnings.

It's 14 days for everyone regardless of their level, unless you are a top rated seller. So the level doesn't matter that much for this. If you aare a Fiverr Seller Plus Subscriber you get faster clearance too, 7 days, just like a top rated seller.

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