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I want to create a gig but the work


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I have been working on an Idea  and i wanted to make a gig for that. but i was so busy that i did not had time to make a gig.
recently a buyer asked me to make him a card and he told me that i can create whatever the design i like, so i made the design that i was working on and made the card for him. He really liked it and ordered more.
Now that I have time i was going to make a Gig for that idea but now i am confused that if i should create a Gig for that because it will feel weird that i am trying to steal buyers Idea Because buyers usually give me a design for the card they want.
i am the true owner and creator of the design but i don't know what i should do.

looking forward to get some help on this topic.

Thank you

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It doesn't sound like you are stealing ideas. Besides, the idea may not be his. And if it is his idea, you are still allowed to use it and improve upon it, companies do it all the time. That is capitalism 101! Go ahead and make that gig. I wish you well with your new venture.

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While you are not 'stealing the buyer's idea', Lloydsolutions is correct and you'd be stealing the buyer's product that they purchased from you!

You have sold this design and the rights to that design to the buyer. The moment you decided to offer that buyer the card with that specific design (and sold it, and he paid for it) then the rights became his.

It's not yours anymore.

In his shoes, I'd be absolutely livid if I bought a design on Fiverr and then saw it being offered as a gig--or even if the core design were to be taken and modified. 

If I write a novel for myself and then sell that novel to a client, I give away all my rights to use any aspect of that novel a second time. If I wanted to use that novel/script/character/plot/whatever again, I would have needed to make this clear before the buyer purchased it. 

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