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How to add delivered work to customer review ?



Hey guys! Nice to meet all of you! I just started to work here, and have some problems, maybe somebody can help me 🙂 I didn’t attached my work to the portfolio when I sent it to customer. Is it possible to attach it now ? I see only his review and don’t see my work near it (( And the second question is, can I delete work near review, because customer doesn’t want to show it ?

Thank you so much !

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You can't add it in gig once the order is marked as completed.


In future if you wish to add a project in gig images list as portfolio, then in work upload, add an image or pdf file there.

Once you upload there, in the bottom left of the project you can see a snapshot how it will be shows. So you can reconfirm yourself that you didn't miss it.

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