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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will do web design by wordpress or build wix ecommerce, wix website design, wix store
In the gig description:
"Hi, This is" could be "Hi, this is"
"Best QULAITY" could be "Best QUALITY"

In the basic package "wordpress" could be "WordPress"
In the standard and premium package descriptions "Upto" could be "Up to"

In the FAQ section:
"Yes, As I mentioned" could be "Yes, as I mentioned" in answer 1.
"What type of Website you provide?" could be "What type of Website do you provide?" in question 2.
"i will" could be "I will" in answer 3.
"ill you provide same website which I will mentioned" could be "Will you provide the same website which I will mention" in question 3.

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