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Dashboard, Analytics, and Actual Earnings Don't Match



I'm encountering a troubling issue, which is that the March earnings reflected on my dashboard are different (lower) than the earnings reflected on my analytics page, and both of those numbers are way lower than my actual earnings when I add them up manually and check them automatically via an Excel spreadsheet. I have accounted for the 20% platform fee being taken out, and I have accounted for tips being included, and still the numbers are drastically different. It's disturbing to me that the number Fiverr is recognizing is so much lower than what I have actually earned. Has anyone else checked their numbers and found them to be wrong? I've been on Fiverr for almost 8 months and this is the first time I have actually kept track, which worries me.

For reference, here are the numbers...

Dashboard: $528
Analytics: $560.80
Actual Earnings (+tips, -20% fee): $641

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