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How to get more click on my gig


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Hi, I am RANA

I can do digital marketing related any kind of job. I am also expert in social media marketing like Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, social media advertising, data entry, content creation & marketing, data collection and also expert in SEO.

I am new seller please help me. suggest me how can I get my 1 st Oder as soon as.

my gig = https://www.fiverr.com/ranakingbd/do-online-offline-data-entry

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2 hours ago, ranakingbd said:

I am new seller on fiverr please suggest me. How to get more click and impressions on my gig. 

I posted the gig 2 months ago and now I don't get the oder. 

1st: Welcome to the Fiverr.
2nd: There's no way simply to increase the clicks and impression. People will come to your gig if it of their use, so please make sure that your gig is that relevant what customer is looking for.

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6 hours ago, syed_maksumul said:

Share your gig link on Social media, Hope so it will help you to get order. Before sharing gig on social media try to research about trending tag of that social media as per your work and put them also in your description walla! hope so you will get order.

Which social media is the most important for gig rangking 

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