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Why do not get order?

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Hi leadgen_xppert,

You are very lucky to have received two orders within a few days of joining Fiverr. So, there is no reason to worry. If you work patiently, you will get many more orders.

Best of luck. Happy freelancing.

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In your profile description, you say you've been on the platform since 2010, but your profile was created in January 2022. The education you've listed on your profile doesn't match the education from your resume in your gig gallery. You have a really unusual combination of languages on your profile (do you really speak Hebrew and Korean?).

If buyers think that something is off when they take a look at your gig and your profile, they are likely to choose someone else. There are plenty of sellers offering lead generation.

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My friend you have got two orders within a few days. So, there is no reason to worry about. Work patiently, you will get more orders in future. Stay active, keep patience. And do buyer request regularly. Thank you.

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On 3/19/2022 at 6:01 PM, leadgen_xpert said:

I have complete 2 order 1 week ago but after that I can not get any order within last 7 days.

Please any one suggest me and check my profile. 


Fiverr link posts are not allowed in this section. If you want help and want to advertise My Fiber Gigs, this is Improve My Gig (Link approved) Greetings...🙂

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Services That involve sharing personal information of third parties 

We do not allow services that breach 3rd-party rights and lead to spamming individuals. In order to ensure this policy, we ask that the data provided in these services will be unique to each order and will only contain business data. 

 Do not post, offer, or ask for:  

  • Lists with data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) of individuals, only business data.

  • Premade lists containing personal data.

  • Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.  

  • The above is from the Community Standards under Prohibited Services.

  • Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

  • See this topic: 


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