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How to Start your Fiverr Business Again?


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Hey Fiverr Community.

I was literally rocking Fiverr in April and before, my exams were in May, so I left Fiverr for good.

But I did a mistake, instead of putting my account on “Vacation Mode” I just suspended my GIGs and didn’t log in into my account for like a continuous week.

And now, when I’m back with enthusiasm to work with. I aren’t getting enough orders 😕

I was averaging around 10 orders/day before, but now I ain’t getting enough orders. Like 1 order/day .

Anyone can refer me couple of tips to get my Fiverr Business Back?

Your tips will be highly appreciated.


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I’d suggest messaging your previous buyers, those that you had an established rapport with, and just let them know that you are back and ready to take on more work. Whenever I’ve suspended my gigs for a while, I usually message my repeat buyers and let them know I am back “in the office” and ready to work for them again, and they are usually more than willing to help me work my way back up through the search rankings.

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Try changing around your keywords and maybe considering a fresh category. Unfortunately when pausing gigs(or even going in Vacation mode because it’s buggy) can really effect the ranking and exposure of your gigs.

What I usually do that works best is simply increase the delivery time to a fairly high amount of days. This way I can maintain a ranking but still have a more relaxed time-frame to deliver orders and with the mutual cancellations not effecting us anymore, it’s just a simple cancel away if the buyer doesn’t want to wait that long. If I have the time I usually lower it down to 7 days or lower. Sometimes even as low as a one-day delivery which sometimes increases my orders… a bit too much. I did something like that a while back, got about 30+ orders in one day, and that was just way too much for the kind of work I offer.

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