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Coupon code wslove30 does it work?



Hi I saw on the internet there is a coupon code that is wslove30 for 30% off for your first 3 months.  I wanted to make a bunch purchases using this code.  But I don't want to buy a gig if its not going to work.  Can anyone confirm that it actually works and can you use it multiple times?

If it doesn't work does any one have any verified codes that work? 

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I have never heard of something similar, there are few sellers on Fiverr that offer coupons for their buyers, but all of them have different codes so you can't purchase multiple gigs from the same code. Is that making sense for you?

Even if you want to buy multiple gigs, you can ask that specific seller that either he/she offer subscriptions or any coupon that can might work for you.
Hope this'll be of help 🙂  

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