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How to break the mold and get representation


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So I"ve been on Fiverr since July of last year. I low ball my gigs and I've still managed to get to level 1 seller and am a couple hundred from level two. I answer all of my client's within minutes and always deliver in less than a day even if the job states two days. I have been told by several people to raise my prices, but I want more quantity here even though I feel the quality is there so I can back my gig up with a number.


Someone asked me if I was represented by BMG and I didn't know what that meant. I love Fiverr and want to continue to do freelance work and advance through the levels, but I feel like I should also try and get represented and don't know how to contact companies like BMG. I just did a gig for $5 dollars and it was a BMG agent I think. 


Someone please look at my profile and let me know if:

 1. I should charge more for my gigs

 2. If representation is right for me.


Contact me via here or on my account at fiverr.com/govournator 

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