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earnings versus withdraw?



I am confused. When I go to my earnings page and I add up my earnings for the month I get one number. But at the end of the month it says can withdraw but the number is much lower like 17% to 23% lower. Why is this?

Did I not earn that money? I thought the numbers on the earnings page were the numbers AFTER Fiverr took their 20%? Where is my money going?

For example, in February I added up the green numbers on my earnings page at it came to $864 but at the end of the month when everything cleared I only had $506 available to withdraw. Why are the numbers different? I withdraw at the end of each month and I wait for everthing to clear so I start with a $0 balance every month.

Thank you to who ever can help me understand.🙂

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17 minutes ago, tntcompositions said:

it says I only have $239.20 available for withdraw. Why is that?

You can see there are couple description about each earning.

1. Order Revenue.  This list created, just after you get an order. It means expected earning actually.

2. "Clearing" Funds Pending Clearance.  This list created just after the order completed. Means you earned it. But to release the fund to be available for withdrawal, there are 14 days clearance period for you. So the tag saying "clearing"

Once the 14 days clearance period over, this list changed to "Funds Cleared"

Unfortunately, "Order Revenue" don't changed to Funds Pending Clearance.


Check my attachment. I've highlighted your actual earning that is available for withdrawal actually.


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When an order marked as completed, the earning from that order goes to pending/clearing status. ( you can check the earning page statement)

As you're level two seller, so your earnings will be available for withdrawal after 14 days.

So it's nothing about at the end of the month. nor you start with a 0 balance every month. whenever you withdraw, it became 0 and rest amount still in pending clearance status.

You earned total $864, but there are $506 available to withdraw and additional 358 in pending clearance status.

When the funds will be cleared, you can check the breakdown details according to the order from your earning page detailed report.
Additionally, you can check from mobile > earning > pending clearance filter at the bottom.

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Thank you for answering. I really appreciate it. I understand what you are saying. I understand there's nothing about an end of the month balance. I personally was making that happen by the way I was timing my withdraws is all I was trying to say.

Please click on both attachments so you can see them fully. You see I withdrew everything on Feb 28. So my balance was $0. Later that day I cleared $4 after the fact. If you add that $4 plus everything that cleared through March 16 it adds up to $696.40. Then if you look at my 2nd attachment you see it says I only have $239.20 available for withdraw. Why is that?

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 8.27.57 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 8.28.25 AM.png

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